Bridge 2 Europe

The project "Bridge 2 Europe" of the EU Service Agency ends on 31 December 2020. You have developed European cooperation with our support. Your municipality or your institution has become internationally oriented and you have developed strategies and objectives for the cooperation with your European partners. 

The project "Bridge 2 Europe" aimed to strengthen the adaptability of local authorities and public actors to demographic and structural change through increased networking and cooperation with inter-regional actors.

In this context, an important contribution is made by municipalities and other local authorities who take part in EU projects from the EU action programs, INTERREG, and regional support services for transnational project activities. European programs enable participants to exchange experiences and to develop joint strategies and approaches. Through participating in these programs, municipalities can more efficiently use scopes for design in various political areas and create synergies with local and regional (funding) initiatives. For example: through participating in EU projects regarding the labor market and employment, a close-knit international network is created and direct as well as indirect effects for the labor market can be achieved. As a result, municipalities learn to better cope with demographic, technological and social change, and to persist in the competition for skilled labor and investments through higher attractiveness.

The EU Service Agency was primarily aimed at municipalities and associated institutions. In addition, the offer was aimed at federations, foundations, ministries or non-governmental organizations with an interest in interregional cooperation. Associations, particularly those involved in the municipal area (partnership associations) as well as public companies or municipally supported private companies were also potential customers of the EU Service Agency.

The EU Service Agency was in a constant exchange of experiences and a transnational knowledge transfer with its international partners, who develop project ideas and search for German partners on a regular basis. Through networking with other counseling institutions in Saxony-Anhalt, we created synergies to better support their projects.